About Edichart

Our story

Edichart pharmacy and stores is a unique shopping mall that is built on selfless service and trust. We understand that it takes diligent service to attract customers but trust keeps them with us, that’s why we are big on both.  The philosophy is in executing effective business strategies vis-a-vis our business plan in synergy with our mission to create an unforgettable shopping experience. Our mission in the retail space is to build a mutually beneficial environment where business growth and success leads to customer’s satisfaction and community development.

Our business

Edichart business ethic is one driven by diligent service delivery through innovative thinking and business trend adaptation to ensure that we effectively compete and serve our community better thereby giving qualify value and ease to customers.

Our mission

Edichart seeks to attain business growth via adopting expansive distribution channels of supplies that allows contribution from every stakeholder in other to successfully achieve transparency and business success. Thus, every stakeholder is involved in a mutually beneficial pyramid of growth. We seek to involve small scale distributors into our business chain, therefore increasing output. Edichart aims to provide long term sustainable business practice with its various clientele.

Our exceptionality

At Edichart pharmacy and stores, we are know for our

  • Trust worthiness
  • Efficiency
  • Good track records
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Excellent service delivery

Our ideology

At the center of Edichart pharmacy and stores business plan are the basic principles of diligence, honesty, efficiency, co-operation and team spirit.

Our Store in A Glance